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Pain Management

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Title: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind; Pain Management

Episode Description: Pain has been defined as, “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage”. We feel pain when the body’s pain receptors send electrical signals along nerve endings to the spinal cord, then on to the brain. And though pain sensation isn’t always related to an actual injury, illness, or trauma, it remains the leading reason that people seek medical help, and the leading cause of disability. In this program, we will educate viewers on the comprehensive national policy surrounding pain management, and highlight a balanced approach to safe and effective medical treatment for reducing the experience of pain.

Series Description: Powerful patient stories. America’s leading doctors.
That’s what you’ll get on Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, the prestigious healthcare series airing only on public television.

With us, you’ll explore the latest medical breakthroughs in a wide variety of health and wellness topics. You’ll get to know inspiring patients who are fighting bravely to overcome their illnesses. And you’ll meet the influential physicians who are on the frontlines of combating these conditions.

The longest running health and wellness series on public television, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind has aired over 275 episodes on more than 200 stations nationwide, since its debut in 2004.