Concierge Medicine

For patients with serious symptoms, complex conditions, and other such difficult cases, NAPA offers a holistic, individualized, and integrated therapeutic approach. Dr. Pergolizzi practices concierge medicine which offers the highest levels of personalized care and attention.

Many of our patients arrive at our clinic with a condition that is not the result of one single cause. For that reason, we have found that the best approach to treatment is to look at the multiple mechanisms behind the condition and treat them with a multimodal approach.

While we at NAPA take pride in being at the forefront of medical innovation and the latest medical breakthroughs, overall we take a conservative approach to treatment. We recognize that no medical treatment is without some degree of risk, so we strive to find the most effective, helpful, and relevant treatments for our patients that minimize this.

We emphasize holistic care, which means we treat the whole patient and not just a set of symptoms. Our multimodal treatments often include lifestyle modifications, non-pharmacological therapies, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). When we use pharmacological therapy, we prescribe judiciously to offer the most benefit with the least possible degree of risk.

Patients who enter concierge care must be prepared to become educated about their condition and partner with our clinic to achieve therapeutic goals. Patients share in the decision-making process in order to find the most meaningful and effective care. Concierge care requires empowered, engaged patients collaborating with our medical experts. Thus our patients form a therapeutic partnership with their health care team.

At NAPA, we know that patients are individuals and we will work with them to formulate meaningful and realistic treatment goals. The clinical team at NAPA works together with you to define these goals and achieve them. Along the way we set realistic expectations because for many patients, achieving therapeutic goals is no quick fix.

We have found that there is no one-size-fits-all in healthcare and that concierge care is not always the best solution for every patient. In general, we have found that these are the patients who achieve the best results with the unique concierge care offered by NAPA:

  • Are looking for long-term results and are willing to work toward them
  • Are realistic and know that a “quick fix” is unlikely
  • Are willing to make sometimes difficult changes in lifestyle to optimize health
  • Are open minded and willing to try non-pharmacological therapies, if appropriate
  • Are frank with us and willing to talk about objectives, goals, and obstacles
  • Are ready to invest considerable time, thought, and reflection into achieving health and therapeutic goals

Concierge care is intensive. It involves candid communication, frequent visits, consultations, and hard work. For this reason, NAPA can only accept a limited number of patients at any given time.